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The Red Sweater

Well, it’s finished! I apologize for the bad photo quality, but getting a 4 year old to sit still for photo is extremely difficult.

As you can see, this is more-or-less the same sweater as I made in December, with the exception of color and the adding of the hood. He calls this his “Daniel Tiger Sweater.” He loves that he matches his father.

Now I’m working on a new Father’s Day Cardigan to make up for the horrific one I made the first time through. If all goes well, the whole family will have hand-knit sweaters to wear this winter!

What’s on my needles? – December 2018

This month, after the complete and utter failure of my attempt at the Father’s Day Cardigan , I have decided to simplify. I have started on a Neighborly Cardigan . Learning from my prior mistakes, I have purchased MUCH more yarn than I think the project needs, to ensure that it’ll come out as handsome as it is in my head. Thus far, it does not disappoint. This is the best cable work I have ever done in my life, and I attribute that to the fact that it’s a very simple cable repeat, so it’s easier for me to focus on consistency.

If this project goes well, I will also be making a miniature red version for my 4 year old, so he can dress up like Daniel Tiger!