Min dvd-spelare har fel regionkod.

Min dvd-spelare har fel regionkod.

God Jul to everyone, and a happy new year to boot!

For the holidays, I purchased my favorite Christmas movie, Joulutarina. Since I’m planning on moving to Sweden (and because the American version of this movie is a horrible horrible English dub and does not have a subtitle option), I purchased it with the European region code.

Of course, as any American may realize, this is where things got annoying. You see, I didn’t purchase it for normal DVD where I could easily hack my DVD-ROM to play any region. Oh no, in my infinite wisdom I said to myself, “Spazure, get it on Blu-ray! It’ll be gorgeous! You’ll watch this with your kids someday!”

The problem here is, the only Blu-Ray player I currently own is my PS3. Sadly, there is no *simple* way to hack a PS3 to unlock all region encodings, and I’m not about to brick my PS3 just to watch a Christmas movie on New Year’s Eve. This means I either need to shell out another $300 to purchase a Blu-Ray player that’ll play European discs (keeping in mind I only currently own ONE region 2 disc)… or, I could be a genius.

I decided I’m going to purchase a BD ROM for my computer. I will then lock it to region 2, so I will have a blu-ray drive (and normal dvd drive, all in one, yay backwards compatibility!!)

“But Spazure, how will you then play it on your TV?”

Well, self, you see, Microsoft’s Windows Media Player isn’t all bad. I can play a Blu-Ray disc from my computer on my Xbox 360 over my LAN, because I’m a dork like that.

One step closer to home. :)