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So yesterday morning, my husband is talking to our cat.

“I already fed you, Kupo. Kupo, I don’t have any wet food. I’ll tell you what Kupo, I’ll buy some more next payday.”

then he stopped and turned to me

“You named the cat Kupo so you could trick me into talking like a moogle, didn’t you?”


I miss Sweden a lot today

I don’t know what it is, but I really miss Sweden today.

Maybe I just miss my mother.

Maybe the fact that I’m watching SVT lately and studying Swedish just reminds me of all the good times I had over there.. idk.

I just wish I could just drop my entire life right now and move to Sweden. Even if it meant I’d be a poor foreigner in a new land, I would do it, if the immigration laws would let me.

I know.. I have to learn the language and get a job offer.. so I can get a work visa. I know learning the language isn’t a /requirement/ .. but I have limited skills so far, so I figured at least it’d help in the whole trying to get a job offer part of things…

I don’t need or want to be rich, I just want a stable job and to be able to hopefully buy my mom’s house when her and Lars retire to a warmer climate. I love that house… not only because it’s gorgeous and has a beautiful view.. but because it has so much family history.. I just can’t bear the idea of a stranger ever getting it.. and I know that sounds weird especially considering it’s only even in my family by marriage.. but that’s how I feel. The second I stepped foot in that house, it felt like home.

Sometimes I still close my eyes and imagine I’m there, and that’s how I fall asleep.