Archive January 2013

I miss Sweden a lot today

I don’t know what it is, but I really miss Sweden today.

Maybe I just miss my mother.

Maybe the fact that I’m watching SVT lately and studying Swedish just reminds me of all the good times I had over there.. idk.

I just wish I could just drop my entire life right now and move to Sweden. Even if it meant I’d be a poor foreigner in a new land, I would do it, if the immigration laws would let me.

I know.. I have to learn the language and get a job offer.. so I can get a work visa. I know learning the language isn’t a /requirement/ .. but I have limited skills so far, so I figured at least it’d help in the whole trying to get a job offer part of things…

I don’t need or want to be rich, I just want a stable job and to be able to hopefully buy my mom’s house when her and Lars retire to a warmer climate. I love that house… not only because it’s gorgeous and has a beautiful view.. but because it has so much family history.. I just can’t bear the idea of a stranger ever getting it.. and I know that sounds weird especially considering it’s only even in my family by marriage.. but that’s how I feel. The second I stepped foot in that house, it felt like home.

Sometimes I still close my eyes and imagine I’m there, and that’s how I fall asleep.