Little Hats, Big Hearts 2019!

Little Hats, Big Hearts 2019!

Little Hats, Big Hearts 2019!

It’s December, and we all know what that means! OK, yes, Christmas and Hanukkah and several other Winter holidays. As a knitting blog though, one very important date comes to mind. December 31st is the deadline for Little Hats, Big Hearts in the Dallas area.

Little Hats, Big Hearts is a charity near and dear to my heart. From their own site:

A Close-Knit Effort

Volunteers from around the country are helping the American Heart Association (in connection with the Children’s Heart Foundation celebrate American Heart Month. How? By knitting and crocheting adorable red hats for babies born in February at participating hospitals.

Little Hats, Big Hearts™, honors babies and moms in a very special way. These tiny red hats, on thousands of babies, symbolize our shared mission of heart-healthy lives for everyone. The effort also raises awareness of congenital heart defects, and what we can all do to help prevent them.

Did you know? Little Hats, Big Hearts™ started in Chicago in 2014. From just 300 little hats in the first year, the program has now embraced hundreds of thousands of babies, across more than 40 states.

I have a GIANT trash bag full of red hats that I’m planning to bring to drop off for the 2018 season! I also, of course, am still working on my knitting projects for Christmas, as well. My knitting hands are going to be busy busy busy this month!