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Lagom är bäst

Apparently the fact that I work 40-60+ hours a week and go to school means I’m not taking responsibility for my life. I mean seriously what more does that man want me to do? I can’t just snap my fingers and make myself rich. Hell, I don’t even WANT to be rich, I just want to be comfortable and secure, that’s all. I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want to be poor. I just want to live and be happy, and that somehow makes me a horrible person according to the American Republican Party.

A quick conversation with a Republican.

For the record, I have no political affiliation. I’ve always thought it best to choose based on an individual’s merits without worrying about which party is which.

Just out of sheer curiosity, I’ve been poking around all over the place just to see what the diverging viewpoints truly are. When you get a Republican and a Democrat in a room together, they just jump at each others’ throats and any insightful information falls to the wayside.

So I’ve been asking questions. I’ve been asking A LOT of questions. Some of it is quiet googling, and some of it is actually asking questions to people I know.

For starters, it turns out the majority of my friends are Libertarian. I had no idea. Sure some are very VERY vocal about it, yet others are just quiet and don’t bother mentioning unless someone (like, for example, me) actually asks them about it.

In my social circle, Republicans are always painted out as bad guys. I’ve never had a preference one way or the other, but I realize it has actually colored my view of them nonetheless.

So, without judging or inciting an argument, I pulled my father-in-law (the most die-hard Republican you will ever meet) aside and picked his brain.

Turns out, Republicans believe in small government and individual freedoms. They don’t want a police state (does anyone?), they don’t want government to keep helping corporations stay afloat, and they don’t believe in giving up personal freedoms for the sake of security. Yes, they also seem to believe in guns, hate homosexuals (or, in some cases, not dislike them, but believe it’s a disease that should be treated instead of embraced), and want to keep this country more in line with the values it was founded on — women at home, men at work, no children out of wedlock, etc, etc, also known as “traditional values.” While I may not agree with everything they have to say, it surprises me how much of their worldview is the exact opposite of what I thought.

So my goal was to get a POV from a Republican and line it up against a POV from a Democrat. The humorous thing was that I don’t seem to actually /know/ any Democrats.

So, I open the floor to the internet. WITHOUT ATTACKING OTHER POLITICAL PARTIES OR INDIVIDUALS, please tell me in your own words how you view your party and its goals. I’d prefer to hear from some Democrats since they’re the only majority party I haven’t had a personal conversation with yet, although anyone from a smaller party I haven’t touched at all yet can feel free to chime in as well.