Blog Post Contributions

The blog helps to keep the Swift community informed of recent developments in the language, the release roadmap, interesting new features, libraries, tools, and announcing project & community initiatives. It is central to Diversity in Swift’s mission to recognize and highlight work across the community. We welcome blog post contributions from everyone, regardless of background or experience.

Are you doing interesting things using Swift? The community would love to hear how you’ve been using the language. See the process below for details on how to submit a blog post.

Community Contributed Content

Blog posts don’t necessarily need to be technical, and your writing can appeal to anyone from beginners to language experts. Did you have an unusual journey towards Swift? Share that story. Did you use Swift code to interact with some hardware or in another context that people might not expect? That sounds great. Is there a previously covered topic you’d like to take further? Adding your experience and perspective is valuable.

Readers have different backgrounds and experiences, but you can assume a basic knowledge of the Swift language.

Is there anything to avoid in a blog post? There’s a short list:

All blog posts are published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You may re-publish your work on your own website under this license with appropriate attribution.

Writing Guidelines

Blog posts on don’t need to be written in a particular style, but there are some guidelines below that will help make a great post:

Submission Process

Submit ideas or drafts of blog posts by sending a message to the @swift-website-workgroup. Be sure to include some details about what you’d like to contribute in your post:

The Swift Website Workgroup discusses blog post pitches bi-weekly and will reply to all submissions.

Like all contributions to this website, the website governance process covers all blog post submissions.