Swift Documentation Workgroup

The Documentation Workgroup is a steering team that helps guide the documentation experience for Swift.

The Documentation Workgroup will:

The current Documentation Workgroup consists of the following people:


The main goal of the Documentation Workgroup is to deliver a great documentation experience to the Swift community. To that end, the workgroup will develop tooling like Swift-DocC to support the experience it wants to provide for the ecosystem and future Swift language documentation efforts. Over time, the workgroup will also help define guidelines for writing quality documentation and drive a cohesive documentation ecosystem across Swift.

In that capacity, workgroup members review proposals for changes to the documentation experience, either in pull requests or ideas posted to forums, and provide feedback in an effort to integrate these changes in a way that is consistent with the documentation experience’s goals.

Workgroup members may also initiate projects to improve different aspects of the Swift documentation experience, such as documentation UI/UX design and the documentation authoring syntax.

Members of the Documentation Workgroup serve at the discretion of the Swift Core Team and the Swift project lead, who has the ultimate authority over the workgroup decisions.


Members of the Documentation Workgroup provide steerage of Swift’s documentation experience as outlined in the charter above. If you’d like to join the workgroup, please reach out to @swift-documentation-workgroup in the forums.

Inactive members that do not participate for three consecutive months will be contacted to confirm their desire to stay with the group. After no activity for six months, they will be removed from the group.

The Core Team also selects one member of the workgroup as the chair. The chair has no special authority over the workgroup, but they are responsible for ensuring its smooth functioning, including by:

Workgroup members will try to make a decision independently by consensus whenever possible, and will raise issues to the Core Team when there are particular challenges with reaching consensus on significant decisions.


The Documentation Workgroup communicates with the broader Swift community using the Swift-DocC forum for general discussions about Swift-DocC. The workgroup can also be contacted privately by messaging @swift-documentation-workgroup on the Swift Forums.

Community Participation

Everyone is invited to participate in contributing to Swift’s documentation experience and the Documentation Workgroup’s initiatives. If you’d like to contribute, consider: