Swift.org website

Swift.org website goals include:

Community Participation

Everyone is welcome to contribute to the Swift.org website in the following ways:

See CONTRIBUTING.md for additional information about the website’s contribution guidelines.


The website has a small list of maintainers which have write access and are in charge of reviewing and merging pull requests from contributors. The maintainers group consists of a small subset of the Swift core team and the Swift website workgroup members.

The Swift.org website source code consists of several distinct parts:

  1. General content: Markdown, HTML, data files, images and other content.
  2. Blog posts: Source files for blog posts, mostly in markdown form.
  3. Technical infrastructure: Code and scripts for generating the website’s final static content (HTML mostly) from other forms of textual content such as Markdown and HTML files.
  4. Information design, user experience and user interface design: The layout and navigation of the website, including CSS and images used to define the user experience and user interface.

Each one of these areas is governed by a slightly different contribution process that matches their nature.

See Swift.org governance for additional information about the website’s governance.

Website workgroup

The Swift website workgroup is a steering team that helps guide the evolution on the Swift.org website. The Swift website workgroup will:

See Swift.org workgroup for additional information about the workgroup.